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  • Ján Vozár

    Ján Vozár

    Be yourself :-)

  • Sean Kernan

    Sean Kernan

    Quality over quantity. That guy from Quora. Enjoy? Follow for more. https://seanjkernan.substack.com/ Open to gigs www.seanjkernan.com

  • Nicklas Millard

    Nicklas Millard

    Tech writer with 853K+ views. Sharing my opinion and what I learn. .NET backend engineer in FinTech. New YouTube Channel https://bit.ly/3vxqNHj

  • Ema Suriano

    Ema Suriano

    Software Engineer during the day, cook at night 👨‍🍳 Traveler and Foodie 🧳 Berlin, Germany📍

  • August Birch

    August Birch

    Blue-Collar Indie | Marketing & Email Tips for Writer-Creators | Tap for My FREE, Tribe 1K Email Masterclass: bookmechanicmedia.com/your-first-1000-subscribers/

  • Nam Nguyen

    Nam Nguyen

    A humble geek. Dog lover. Life-long learner. Enjoy what you read? Follow me for more updates twitter.com/namnguyen168

  • Peter Papp

    Peter Papp

    Knihomol, kávopič, jabĺčkár, plávem, cvičím, jógujem, programujem, dizajnujem, modelujem, taký interdisciplinárny čarodej na všetko 🧙‍♂️

  • Hroncovam


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